"Dominik helped us generate a several MQLs" - BDM Freeport Metrics


Example stats achieved : SaaS product  74% Invitation Acceptance Rate, a 23% Response Rate, and an impressive 46% Conversion Rate.



Piotr Zientara

CEO of Xfaang.com, a leading Polish software house, known for its ex-'FAANG' expertise.

" I can highly recommend Dominik as a qualified lead generation specialist. Dominik worked for Xfaang in 2023 and I definitely want to continue the cooperation. Dominik has a high knowledge about tools for effective lead generation. Couldn't be happier with the outcome!"

Mateusz Jarus

Owner of software house expans.io. Main product is SaaS app -> Allabout.mobi

"I have been working with Dominik for several months and I am very satisfied with the cooperation. Dominik organised our sales processes. [...] This allowed us to redefine our target group and increase the number of meetings with clients."